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For the More Adventurous

• The entire reserve is open to hikers.

• Witsand is renowned for the fact that there are no
  restrictions where visitors can go on foot.

• Dune Boards for rent.

• Bicycles for rent.



• The region is regarded as the finest area in Africa

   for stargazing.

• Photographic opportunities are endless, with the
  dunes, blue skies and all the natural assets of Witsand.

• Bird watching and game viewing.

• There is a swimming pool on the reserve for use by
   picnicking visitors, campers and bungalow guests.

• A separate swimming pool for the exclusive use of
  chalet guests.


Botanical Meander

• 3km walking trail through Kalahari veld, with
  43 marked plant species.
• Picnic site and outdoor museum on the trail.






Viewing sites

• Two viewing sites each fitted with an information panel.


Environmental Education Facility

• A special environmental educational rate is offered to
  approved groups.
• Enquire at reception for more information.



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