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Important Tips

1. Typical of desert environs, Witsand can be extremely
    hot in summer and cold in winter. Please bear these
    extremes in mind when setting out on a hike.


2. Always carry a water bottle.


3. Heat exhaustion is a very real danger in summer.
    Avoid hiking during the hottest time of the day.


4. Please respect the forces of nature and stay out of
    the dunes during thunderstorms! Bear this in mind
    when setting out on your hike.


5. The white sand reflects a great deal of heat and
    one may suffer severe sunburn even whilst wearing
    a hat. A high SP factor sun cream is advisable.


6. Wear closed shoes when walking around at night,
    when scorpions emerge from their burrows to forage.
    Scorpion stings can be lethal, and at best, are
   extremely painful. A good camping habit is to knock
   your shoes out before slipping your feet into them in
   the morning. You just never know who has taken a
   liking to the warm, dark interior of your hiking boot!


7. In summer, paper wasps vehemently defend their
    paper-like nests, and may attack passers-by without
    provocation. Be careful when passing through dense
   thickets and under the canopies of trees where the
   nests are found. Unlike bees, wasps can sting


8. Don't ignore the symptoms of any sting or bite if it
    goes beyond localised swelling and pain. Allergic
    reactions must receive medical attention without delay,
   especially if you are experiencing difficulties in
   breathing or feel nauseous.

9. A good idea is to tell someone where you will be heading,
   and approximately how long you envisage being away
   before you set out on a hike, especially if you are walking
   alone. If you wish, report to the tourist office and then
   remember to report back.


10. If you plan an afternoon walk, be sure to be back by
     sunset. The dunes can be disorientating at night.


11. Please feel free to approach us for more information.


12. And do share your sightings with us!


• Gate hours

    Summer (1 September - 30 April) 7h00 - 18h00

    Winter (1 May - 31 August) 7h30 - 17h00

• Vehicles are restricted to designated tourist roads.

• No motorbikes or quad bikes on the reserve.

• No pets allowed.

• No loud music/noise permitted.

• There is one public telephone on the premises (this is card

• MTN reception / No Vodacom or Cell C reception.

• Right of Admission Reserved.

What to Bring

• Sun Protection cream.

• Hat.

• Comfortable walking shoes.

• Insect repellent.

• Own liquor (Kiosk does not sell liquor).

• Fresh produce (Kiosk stocks tinned foods etc. but no
  fresh fruit or vegetables).

• Books/Board Games/Playing Cards.

• Selection of Field Guides available for use at the
  Information Centre.

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